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March Mountain High School

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Mission and Vision Statements

MMHS Mission Statement

March Mountain High School’s mission is to empower students to graduate with the skills necessary to successfully compete in a globally connected and diverse world.


MMHS Vision Statement

March Mountain High School’s vision is to focus on developing the whole student by providing a nurturing environment and emphasizing transferable skills leading to academic success and a productive, responsible citizen.


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers who:

• Analyze and evaluate information and points of view

• Question, synthesize, and make connections between information and arguments

• Solve real-world problems in conventional, collaborative, and innovative ways

Effective Communicators who:

• Demonstrate proficiency through reading, listening, speaking, writing, viewing and presenting

• Acquire, interpret, analyze, and respond to information from various sources, including technology

College, Career and Life Skill Oriented Students who:

• Take initiative for the continuing acquisition of knowledge

• Create a college or career path for their future

• Are productive and accountable

• Are self-directed and persistent

Community Participants and Advocates of Healthy Lifestyles who:

• Respect the diversity and acknowledge the dignity of others

• Are aware of societal standards and accept responsibility for their actions

• Are prepared to make informed lifestyle choices that enhance and maintain a state of well-being

• Are exposed to a balanced program of intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic activities