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Marisol Taloa » Term 6

Term 6

All students in Mrs. Taloa’s Term 6 classes: 

More then likely you will be in the second part of this class for term 6, which will be semester 1B, so I have provided you with the codes to enroll. There will not be any assignments posted until we officially begin the term, but you can still enroll and wait for further instructions.

1. Enroll in Google Classroom for Term 6. Below are the codes; all letters are lower case:
Period 2: code -  oop7dza - name of class: Spanish1 S1B Online Class T6
Period 3: code - ueiozih – name of class: Peer Leadership P3 Online Class T6
Period 4: code - fe2m6yd – name of class: Peer Leadership P4 Online Class T6
Period 5: code - mxazokp – name of class: Multicultural Lit. S1B P5 Online Class T6
Period 6: code - d6v6zg2 – name of class: Multicultural Lit. S1B P6 Online Class T6